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Treatment of obesity is necessary and it is very much possible. Aim for treating is to lower all associated risks. This shall be done with a relatively small, maintained weight loss. While the basis of therapy is a change in eating, activity, and behavior, there shall also be an active program that must me regularly followed-up. Pharmacotherapy, very low energy (calorie) diets and surgery might all be considered and they are to be used in those with greater degrees of obesity, particularly in case they are all complications.


Manufacturer: Healing Pharma



People that are serious and are looking forward to losing weight through diet might be deficient in some vitamins and minerals. For avoiding this, you should follow doctor's or pharmacist's advice in taking a well-balanced diet including fruit and vegetables. As Slimtop capsules work by preventing the absorption of some of the fat from the diet, it might also affect the absorption of some fat soluble nutrients. Although most of the people consuming orlistat composed medicine shall still have normal vitamin levels, one must take a multivitamin supplement containing fat-soluble vitamins. The supplement must be consumed at least 2 hours before or after consuming the capsule, or at bedtime.



Slimtop is to be consumed with a well-balanced calorie - controlled diet that is rich in fruit and vegetables. The meal must also contain an average of 30% calories fat. The daily intake of fat, carbohydrate and protein must be evenly distributed over 3 main meals while consumption. So as to gain the most benefit, avoid consumption of food containing fat between meals, and do not consume biscuits, chocolate or snacks.



Weight loss usually starts in just 2 weeks and continues for 6 to 12 months while consuming Slimtop capsules. The capsule shall help in maintaining the lower weight and also helps in preventing the weight from being regained.


The improvement in risk factors (like reduction in high blood pressure, normalizing blood sugar levels and lowering cholesterol levels) can be observed in just 1 month of starting therapy and has been maintained while the course of Slimtop treatment.


Side Effects:

  • Slimtop usually helps overweight or obese people but it may have unwanted side effects in some consuming it
  • All medicines can lead to side effects. Sometimes of them are serious, most of the time they are not. You might also need medical treatment if you get some of the side effects
  • Majority of unwanted side effects related to the consumption of orlistat capsule results from its local action in your digestive system 

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