Anxiety Or Migraines Could Affect Erection Health

Erectile response is dependent on physiological as well as psychological functions. Factors like anxiety and migraines are related to psychology. These can have an impact on the sexual function.

Let us see how both these factors can affect your erection health.

Link between Anxiety and erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common phenomenon that happens among males. Some may experience it for a very short period while in others it might develop as a chronic condition.  

A psychological concern like anxiety is a primary cause of impotence among males. Mostly younger males are more prone to the erectile dysfunction caused because of psychological reasons.

Impacts of anxiety on Erections

Given below are ways in which anxiety affects erection function:

Performance anxiety

The individual might become conscious while having sex. They may develop a fear of not being able to perform better sexually. They may experience too much pressure to satisfy their partner in bed.

This might stem from one failed or bad sexual performance. One failed attempt can give rise to anxiety. They may worry that one bad experience can increase the possibility of more such events in the future.


Such individuals may have issues related to esteem. They feel under too much pressure to prove to their partner that they can perform better this time.

This pressure causes them persistent worry, too much stress, and overthinking. The individual might remain in their head a lot, but during the actual time of performance, their fear gets triggered.

This can cause imbalances in the mind and body connection. It can interfere with the arousal and performance.

Stress hormones

Anxiety is an emotion that triggers the release of a stress hormone, called cortisol. High levels of this hormone can have an adverse impact on the sexual function.

It can interrupt the physiological processes that occur during erection. In this way, cortisol released due to anxiety can contribute to erection problems.

Sympathetic nervous system activation: Anxiety can influence the brain’s “fight or flight” response. This response is managed by the sympathetic nervous system. Anxiety triggers the action of the sympathetic nervous system, which prevents the flow of blood to the penile along with several other parts.

Link between Migraines and erectile dysfunction

A psychological concern like Migraines is not directly linked to erectile dysfunction. Migraines are characterised by intense headaches that can have a major impact on one’s physiology and psychology.

Migraine headaches can happen after the flow of blood gets restricted to certain areas of the brain. This happens in the case of erectile dysfunction, where the blood flow to the penile gets restricted.

In some males, migraines may not interfere with the erection function. However, some may face difficulties with focusing on intimacy. This may happen when the headaches are severe. These headaches can interfere with the arousal and sexual function.  

The individual will be so caught up in the pain that they may lose the desire for sex. The intensity and severity of migraines differ among individuals. Since the impact of migraines on every individual varies, some may or may not experience impotence issues.     

Impacts of migraines on Erections

Psychological factors

Migraines can trigger some psychological responses such as stress, anxiety, and depression. These responses can interrupt sexual arousal and performance.


Some medicines taken to alleviate the symptoms of migraines can cause erectile dysfunction. This can be a side effect of the medicine. The medicine can cause some changes on the physiological and psychological levels, leading to erectile dysfunction.     

If you are facing trouble in getting and maintaining erections, then you can use Kamagra tablets. They work identically to Viagra medicines.  

Ways to cope with anxiety and migraines

Know the triggers

Identify the triggers for anxiety and migraines. By keeping a tab on them, you will understand what causes them. This will help you prevent anxiety or migraine attacks from worsening.

Sleep adequately

Try to go to bed at the same time every day. Keeping up for longer can cause a decline in your health. This can aggravate the anxiety and migraine symptoms. So, try to have a proper sleep.

Do meditation

This involves deep breathing and mindful exercises. It can balance the mind and body and enhance peace.

Try yoga

Yoga is another tool that can have a powerful impact on your anxiety and migraines. Daily practice can benefit you big time.

The lowdown

Both anxiety and migraines do not directly contribute to erectile dysfunction. They do cause several changes in the body and mind, thereby affecting sexual arousal and erections. These factors can divert the person’s mind and eliminate the desire for intimacy.  

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