Can Alcohol Lead to Erectile Dysfunction

Alcohol intoxication might be a potential reason why some men experience erectile dysfunction. Since alcohol has mind-altering properties, it can interfere with your arousal. Those who are chronic drinkers are more likely to experience difficulties with erection function than the non-drinkers.

Effects of alcohol

Alcohol is a psychoactive (mind-altering) substance. It is a depressant, which can often contribute to erection problems. Excessive consumption before sexual activity can delay or slow down the central nervous system reaction.

It prevents the brain from sending signals to the nerves of the penile to promote sexual response. Moreover, alcohol can impact the production of testosterone hormone which may lead to low libido or low sex drive. It causes damage to the endothelial walls of the vascular system and contributes to long-term sexual difficulties.

Besides, alcohol is also a diuretic, which makes an individual urinate more frequently than usual. It can give rise to issues of dehydration in men, thereby lowering the amount of blood in the body. It decreases the flow of blood to the penile, thus making it more difficult for men to get firmer erections.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Persistent problems of erection failure can be a sign of a lack of adequate blood supply to the penile. This may arise because of some underlying health issue or chronic health conditions.

Several physiological, as well as psychological factors, or sometimes a combination of both, can majorly contribute to continuous difficulties of sexual dysfunction.

Physiological causes of erection problems are most observed among older men. These sexual difficulties may worsen gradually but become frequent over time. The physiological contributing factors may include obesity, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, clogged arteries (atherosclerosis), hormonal imbalance such as thyroid or low testosterone, and prostate or spinal cord surgery.

Additionally, Sexual difficulties because of psychological factors are more common among younger males. One can consult a mental healthcare expert who can help them in managing several psychological difficulties such as stress, depression, anxiety, guilt, trauma, grief, Parkinson’s disease, relationship strains, and esteem issues.

How does alcohol contribute to erectile dysfunction?

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol makes it difficult to maintain erections as it interferes with the sexual response. Alcohol has psychoactive properties that influence mental processes such as consciousness, cognitive function, perception, mood, and emotions.

It is also a central nervous system depressant, affecting mental functions by delaying and slowing down your brain's activities, thereby impairing cognitive function. All these factors are potential factors for long-term sexual problems, leading to chronic erectile dysfunction.

When an individual attains sexual arousal, the nervous system increases the levels of nitric oxide in the endothelial cells which are present in the walls of the penile blood vessels.

Nitric oxide leads to the complete relaxation of the constricted and narrowed blood vessels to allow blood flow to the penile blood vessels. It conducts vasodilation and expansion in the penile shaft and helps to revive a healthy functioning erectile response.

Alcohol intoxication depresses the nervous system activity and impacts the release of nitric oxide. As a result, inadequate production of nitric oxide translates to erectile dysfunction due to vascular system impairment.

Create a quit drinking plan

Begin by cutting down your alcohol intake day by day. You may start by setting a limit on how much you are going to drink per day.

Do not stop drinking suddenly, you will find it hard to give it up and unable to control your urge for alcohol. Instead, take small steps first and cut down little by little.

Go for smaller-sized drinks instead of larger ones.

Tell your family and friends about your decision to reduce your alcohol intake. They can encourage you and provide you with much-needed support.

Try to drink a few times a week. Switch to some other beverages that do not contain alcohol.

Treatment for Erectile dysfunction

The most safe and effective solution for treating erectile dysfunction is prescription medications. These medications consist of active stimulants that help increase blood flow through the penile blood vessels.

Such drugs help to revive and restore sexual function within a few minutes of consumption. They come in different doses that can be specific doses depending on the severity of erectile dysfunction, for example, if a person is having mild forms of difficulties getting an erection can choose a low dose, and so on. Also, there are generic versions of ED drugs that can be bought without a prescription. One can opt for ED medicines like Sildisoft 100.

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