Can Hot Water Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction results due to a lack of blood flow through the penile blood vessels. The blood flow can be hindered because of several factors. According to some studies, individuals who take hot water showers are at a risk of developing erection difficulties.  

Impacts of hot water on erection function  

In males, hot water baths or saunas expose your penile nerves to the extreme temperature. Too much heat is not favourable for your erectile health. The contact of hot water with these nerves can contribute to their damage.

Occasional hot water bathing might not lead to nerve damage, but taking such baths daily will potentiate the possibility of erectile dysfunction. Try to switch from hot water to warm or lukewarm water instead.  

How does hot water affect the penile nerves?  

When the nerves of the penile are exposed to extreme heat during a hot water shower, it can contribute to their damage. The direct heat can lower nerve sensitivity and damage its response.

The penile nerves fail to receive signals from the central nervous system. When arousal happens, the nervous system signals it to the nerves of the penile. In response to that, the penile nerves cause vasodilation in the penile.

Vasodilation causes the expansion of blood vessels in the penile. This allows more blood flow inside the blood vessels, which promotes stronger erections. However, when the nerves get damaged, their function gets impaired.

This affects the erection function. The individual may fail to get and sustain firmer erections because of the impairment of the function of penile nerves.  

Impact of impairment of nerves

When the nerves in the penile are damaged, it fails to receive the signals from the brain. The nerves will not sense signals from the brain, which leads to erection difficulties. The nerves will fail to convey the message of vasodilation.

When there is no vasodilation, there will be no increase in the blood supply in the penile blood vessels. Lack of adequate blood circulation to the penile makes it difficult to get erections.

The individual struggles to get erections despite complete sexual arousal and enough stimulation. This affects the quality of erections. In this way, nerve damage can contribute to erectile dysfunction or impotence issues.  

Does hot water affect sperm health?

Apart from leading to erectile dysfunction, too much heat is not good for the sperm. Sperms require a favourable temperature for survival. The temperature needed for sperm health is slightly less than the normal body temperature. 

This happens when the testes come into contact with hot water daily. Sperms are produced and stored in the testes. Hot water exposure affects the sperm production and volume.

How does the penile nerve work?

There are several nerves present around the penile region. They include pelvic nerve, pudendal nerve, and autonomic nerves. All these nerves receive signals from the brain about arousal.

The brain tells these penile nerves to initiate vasodilation to cause erections. They trigger the response of vasodilation in the penile and cause a boost in the flow of blood inside. 

Ways to restore erections after hot water exposure

It is equally important to adopt some lifestyle habits that can improve your erection that has caused due to exposure to hot water. Lifestyle habits that can give you long-term positive results are as follows:  

Perform pelvic yoga and kegels: Pelvic yoga and Kegels exercises might help boost blood circulation in the penile. Doing these exercises will help restore the erection response.

Use cool compressions: Make use of cool compressions by placing them in the groin area. This will cool down the nerves and boost circulation in the region. 

Avoid wearing tight underwear: Switch to some comfortable undergarments, which will prevent the congestion of the testes. This will enhance the blood circulation.  

Increase your water intake: This will boost the levels of moisture, which is essential for a healthy erection function.  

Body temperature regulation: Individuals who stay at extreme temperatures may have a difference in sex drive. It is necessary to find a comfortable temperature that can be supportive of sexual health and well-being.

Reduce your time in saunas and steam rooms: Such a hot temperature is not healthy for your sexual well-being and fertility. Therefore, do not stay long in such hot temperatures.

ED medicines: Medicines like P Force Plus might help restore a healthy erection function. The active ingredient in these medicines is a PDE5 inhibitor that increases the flow of blood to the penile. The medicine begins its action in the presence of arousal.

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