Can Hypnosis Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a sexually distressing condition, which affects the erection quality. The person may struggle to attain penile erect enough for sexual penetration. There are several treatment techniques that can help overcome erection problems.

All techniques might not be effective for every individual. There are many treatment options one can try. After seeing its impacts one can either choose that or explore another.

The treatments for physiological causes of impotence are different from psychological ones. Psychological factors like stress, anxiety, esteem issues, depression, etc., can lead to psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

Psychogenic ED can be managed with hypnosis therapy. According to some studies, hypnosis can have a positive impact on your sexual function. It might help overcome erectile dysfunction.

What leads to erectile dysfunction?

Persistent struggles with erection failure can be an indication of poor blood supply to the penile. This may arise because of some underlying health issue or some chronic health condition.  Several physiological, as well as psychological factors, or sometimes a combination of both, can contribute to erection failures.  

Physiological factors leading to erectile dysfunction are most observed in older men. These sexual problems might worsen gradually and become frequent over time. The physiological contributing factors of impotence include obesity, high blood pressure or hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, clogged arteries (atherosclerosis), hormonal imbalance such as thyroid or low testosterone, and prostate or spinal cord surgery.

Moreover, Erection difficulties due to psychological factors occur mostly among younger males. These factors can be managed with professional consultation. One can opt for psychotherapy sessions or a mental health expert.

The therapist might help address issues like stress, depression, anxiety, guilt, trauma, grief, Parkinson’s disease, relationship strains, and esteem issues. By overcoming these problems, one can get relief from erection difficulties. 

The role of brain in erection function

  • After becoming sexually stimulated, the person gets sexually aroused. After arousal, the brain indicates to the penile nerves about the arousal. It sends a signal to the penile nerves to begin their action.
  • In response to the brain’s signals, the nerves in the penile release nitric oxide in the endothelial walls of the penile blood vessels. The release of nitric oxide makes the blood vessels relax completely. It dilates the penile blood vessels, which allows more blood flow inside them.
  • As the penile tissues fill with blood, the erection function happens optimally. In the case of some issues with the brain, which can stem from shame, guilt, esteem issues, relationship problems, etc., can affect brain function and lead to sexual problems.
  • Arousal nudges the brain to signal it to the penile nerves to trigger erections. However, some mental disturbances can affect the brain function and cause erection problems.

How can Hypnosis help erections?

  • Self-hypnosis can be a powerful tool that can influence the factors that affect the brain's functions. It involves relaxing the mind and trying to stay calm. It shifts the focus from the outside disturbances to the mind.
  • You must sit relaxed and turn your focus inwards. You must close your eyes to minimize external interference. To attain relaxation just focus on your breathing and nothing else. You have to do the self-talk.
  • Once you are completely relaxed, talk to yourself and prepare your mind for getting and maintaining erections. Imagine your intimate partner in detail getting sexually stimulated. You have to imagine them sensually.
  • Use your visualization power extensively. Tell yourself you are getting an erection. Imagine yourself having a firmer erection. Do not drift into the past or future, just be in the present moment. Repeat this activity once every day. Remember, repetition is the key here.
  • Hypnosis is a technique by which you train your brain to regain its ability to influence erections. Since the brain cannot differentiate between reality and imagination, self-hypnosis might help overcome erection difficulties.  

Other ways to treat erectile dysfunction

  • Along with self-hypnosis, you can combine other treatment that include:
  • ED medications: ED medications like Malegra 120 contain active ingredients, which trigger erections and help sustain them. These medications work only in the presence of sexual arousal.
  • Penile pump – Vacuum devices or penile pumps use suction pressure. It comes in the form of a tube; the penile must be inserted into it and secured using the belt that comes with the device. The device can be operated manually or electrically.
  • O-rings – These are elastic belts that are made of flexible silicone material. The belt must be worn on the base of the penile, which holds the blood within the penile blood vessels and helps maintain erections. 
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