Can Hypnosis Treat Erectile Dysfunction


When it comes to managing erectile dysfunction (ED) symptoms, most men prefer oral ED medications. They are an effective remedy; however, they do contribute to several side effects. 

The reason for experiencing difficulties with erection function can be psychological. Several psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, performance anxiety, trauma, depression, low self-esteem, etc. can affect the erection response.

All these are concerns related to mental health, which may be managed with the help of hypnosis therapy. Studies suggest that hypnosis might alleviate erectile dysfunction symptoms and improve your sexual response.

How do psychological factors lead to erectile dysfunction?

Psychological factors affect the sexual performance of the person. They cause interference in sexual arousal. The person may remain too caught up with negative emotions that they fail to experience a sexual response.

Their mind gets in the way of sexual arousal. This happens even after adequate sexual stimulation. Besides, factors like stress and anxiety trigger the release of a hormone, known as cortisol, which is a stress hormone.

This hormone suppresses the production of testosterone hormone, which is the primary sex hormone in males. A decrease in testosterone levels affects the sex drive, and as a result, they lack the desire for sexual intimacy.

Benefits of hypnosis

Younger males are more prone to develop ED due to psychological reasons. Hypnotherapy for ED might benefit them the most.

Psychological factors can be managed through professional consultation. Psychotherapy sessions are well-planned by the mental healthcare expert that targets the problem.   

By implementing the hypnosis technique, the therapist might help address problems such as stress, depression, anxiety, sexual trauma, guilt, grief, Parkinson’s disease, relationship challenges, and esteem-related concerns.

Such problems burden the person and leave them caught up in a cycle of negative emotions. Pessimistic thoughts prevent them from having a healthy sex life. However, hypnosis might help them in eliminating such issues.    

How does the penile fail to get erect?

After being stimulated sexually, the natural response of an individual gets sexually aroused. Once arousal happens, the brain sends signals to the penile nerves about the arousal.  

The brain will send signals to the penile nerves to cause vasodilation by releasing nitric oxide in the endothelial walls of the penile blood vessels. Nitric oxide conducts vasodilation in the blood vessels and relaxes them completely. The penile blood vessels expand, and as a result, the blood flows inside the penile.         

When the blood is received in the penile tissues, it gets trapped to trigger firmer erections. The person may struggle to get aroused because of issues with the brain.

This happens because of stress, shame, guilt, esteem issues, relationship problems, etc. Such issues can affect brain function and contribute to sexual problems.         

How can Hypnosis help erections?

Hypnosis can be an excellent technique that can influence the factors that impact the function of the brain. It can be used as a tool for relaxing the mind and attaining a state of calm, which improves erection function.  

Hypnosis diverts the focus from the outside disturbances to the mind. You must sit relaxed and turn your focus inwards. One must close their eyes to eliminate external interference.  

How does hypnosis influence erection health? 

To attain complete relaxation, you need to focus on your breath. Be mindful and aware of your thoughts. Let them pass. After complete relaxation, have a self-talk and prepare your mind for sexual activity.

Visualize yourself as getting stronger erections. You have to imagine yourself with your partner and get mentally ready. Having sensual thoughts will help you to become sexually aroused.

You need to visualize yourself being fully immersed in sexual activity. Nudge yourself you are going to get a harder erection.

Stop dwelling in the past or thinking about the future, just be in the present moment. This activity can be repeated once every day. Note that, repetition is the key that may help trigger a sexual response.   

The lowdown  

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that might help men with impotence. You have to repeatedly think about being intimate with your partner.

Through repetitions, you train your brain to regain its ability to influence erections. The brain cannot make the distinction between reality and imagination.

When you perform self-hypnosis, your brain takes your visualization as reality. This technique might help overcome erectile dysfunction symptoms.    

Lastly, men with severe forms of erection problems can use ED medicines like Assurans 20. The medicine boosts blood circulation in the penile. The results will be seen only in the presence of sexual arousal.   

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