Causes And Treatment For Retrograde Ejaculation


Retrograde ejaculation, also termed dry orgasm, is a phenomenon that occurs when the semen enters the bladder instead of getting propelled out through the urethra, from the tip of the penile in males.   

The urethra is a duct that carries urine and semen out from the body through the penile tip. As a result, males may fail to pass semen or even if they do, the semen volume will be very low.

Low semen volume can give rise to issues with fertility in such males. In this blog, we will see the factors that lead to Retrograde ejaculation and get to know about its treatment remedies.        

About retrograde ejaculation

Normally, when men attain peak pleasure or orgasm, they ejaculate semen from the tip of the penile. Semen is a combination of various fluids secreted by different organs. It is a carrier of sperm. 

A tube then collects the semen and brings it to the penile tip for ejecting it out. The disruption of normal function happens because of the circular muscle, known as the bladder sphincter.

When the bladder sphincter remains open, it prevents the movement of sperm to the prostate. Its failure to get closed causes the semen to enter the bladder, instead of leaving the body through the penile tip.

Causes of retrograde ejaculation

The condition is characterized by the redirection of the semen to the bladder instead of getting ejaculated from the urethra. Here are several causes of retrograde ejaculation:

Health conditions

Certain health conditions can impact the muscles and nerves that regulate the movement of bladder sphincter. This can affect the ejaculatory function.

The health conditions that lead to retrograde ejaculation include diabetes, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and surgical procedures done in the pelvic region.

Prostate or bladder surgery

Surgical procedures involving the prostate gland or bladder can affect the ejaculation function. The procedures can lead to the disruption of functions of organs involved in ejaculation, resulting in retrograde ejaculation.  

Nerve damage

When the nerves that control the ejaculation function get damaged, they can contribute to ejaculatory problems. Nerve damage can be the result of injuries, surgeries, or certain medical conditions.

Due to nerve damage, bladder control may be affected. Also, the muscle function involved in pushing the semen to the urethra can be disrupted because of nerve damage.

Psychological factors

Psychological factors like stress, anxiety, performance anxiety, trauma, or relationship issues can impact the ejaculation response. Although this is quite rare, such psychological factors might indirectly trigger ejaculatory problems.

Congenital abnormalities

In some rare cases, the predisposition to retrograde ejaculation can be influenced by congenital abnormalities or anatomical variations in the urinary tract or reproductive system.

Why is it called dry orgasms?

Retrograde ejaculation is also known as dry orgasms. The reason why the condition is called dry orgasms is the non-ejection of semen.

The orgasms and ejaculation happen together. But in the case of retrograde ejaculation, only orgasm happens and there is no ejaculation. This is why, the condition is termed dry orgasms.

The semen will be transferred to the bladder, where it is mixed with the urine that is stored. The condition does not cause any issues related to your health. However, individuals who are planning to have a baby must get treatment in time.

Retrograde ejaculation treatment

Here are common treatment approaches for retrograde ejaculation:

Getting treatment for underlying health conditions

Retrograde ejaculation can happen because of some underlying medical condition like diabetes or multiple sclerosis. These conditions majorly affect nerve function. Nerve damage to the organs present in the pelvic region can lead to retrograde ejaculation. 

Treatment using medications

Healthcare providers prescribe medications to improve bladder sphincter movements. They help prevent semen from entering the bladder. The semen will be ejaculated normally.     

Medications adjustments

Retrograde ejaculation can occur because of some side effects of certain medications. Antidepressants and alpha-blockers are the class of medicines that can impact ejaculation function and potentate the chances of retrograde ejaculation.

Moreover, men having erectile dysfunction (ED) can use ED medications like Fildena 100 mg. These pills boost blood flow to the penile. They deliver their action only during sexual arousal.  

The lowdown

Retrograde ejaculation affects men’s ability to ejaculate and it gives rise to issues with fertility. Such men may fail to make their partner pregnant when treatment is not received in time.      

Fortunately, the condition can be managed well with treatments, which shall help in restoring male fertility or the ability to conceive a child.

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