Centurion Lab

The famous manufacturer Centurion Laboratories is a relatively young but fast evolving pharmaceutical company established in 2002. This company evolves its own products, which shall work on the development of some formulations of the existing solution so as to make them more effective and easily used, as well as concludes contracts with some other pharmaceutical companies so as to produce the medicines developed by them as so-called generic versions.


The company’s adherence for being one of the highest industry safety and quality standards might pay off with multiple export contracts and the corresponding while it might market expansion to such regions including India, East Asia, Middle East, South East Asia, and Eastern Europe. The company has also worked its way so as to the western markets and they have all currently had several generics awaiting approval for the U.S. market and Western European market.


Since the company was established in 2002, it was all allowed it so as to build its first production facility from the start in compliance with some highest international standards and GMP (Good manufacturing practice), which is a system of rules, regulations and some of the guidelines for the production of medicines, medical devices, diagnostic products, food additives, food, and active ingredients, without revising and reequipping some of the outdated premises and appliances. It allowed Centurion Laboratories for creating the most up-to-date and effective production center of complete full cycle pharmaceutical production performing some screening and development of active chemical substances, production of pharmaceutical substances and ready-to-use medicine, and distribution of the drugs and other medical products.


Only for approx. four years after the company’s first facility launch, the launch of some second facility was performed. It is all allowed about the company so as to enhance the production capacity fourfold.


Although the headquarters and some of the production facilities by Centurion Laboratories present in India, the clients who might outsource its production are the largest international pharmaceutical companies from Canada, the U.S., European countries, and so on. Such a company basically might make the medicine but then the packaging is altered for the branded one.

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