Does Drinking Water Improve Erectile Dysfunction

Dehydration can be one of the reasons why you might be experiencing erection difficulties. Adequate hydration is essential for a healthy sexual function. When the fluid levels in the body are high, the blood volume is in the healthy range and the vascular health and function are also optimal.  

Increasing your water intake boosts your hydration levels, which can improve your erection function.  

The link between hydration and erectile dysfunction

Hydration ensures the healthy functioning of the blood vessels. It increases the health of the blood vessels and raises the levels of body fluids. The blood volume remains in the required range.

Dehydration can affect your sexual health. It can reduce the volume of red blood cells and plasma in the blood. If the penile does not receive adequate blood.

As a result, the tissues inside the penile do not get enough supply of oxygen and nutrients. This can trigger erection difficulties.  

How does dehydration lead to erectile dysfunction?

Here are some potential ways in which dehydration can impact your sexual function:

Mood changes:

Low levels of hydration can give rise to headaches and feelings of fatigue. The person might be experiencing changes in their mood because of a lack of ability to stay attentive. Dehydration can lead to increased confusion and decreased alertness.

Due to these mood swings, the person might struggle with sexual arousal. They might even get frustrated with trivial things. These sudden mood changes because of dehydration might cause stress, which might in turn lead to psychological erectile dysfunction.  

Vascular dysfunction:

Lack of adequate body fluids can hinder the proper functioning of the blood vessels. Low hydration affects the flexibility of the blood vessels. The blood vessels lose their elasticity and thereby become narrow or constricted.

Constricted blood vessels turn hard, which limits the flow of blood inside their passages. As a result, the blood flow through the blood vessels gets hindered.

When the blood vessels in the penile become hard and narrow because of dehydration, then the person may face difficulties in getting or maintaining an erect penile. However, the erection function can be improved with ED medicines like Tadarise 10.

Decrease in blood volume:

A decrease in the levels of fluids in the body can reduce the blood volume in the body. When the hydration levels are sufficient, the blood volume is in heathy range.  

The volume of blood is low, this can lead to an increase in the heart rate. Blood pressure also rises and the risk of damage to the heart increases as a result. Besides, the body's organs will not get enough nutrients like vitamins, minerals, sugars, proteins, and fats.

Since all these nutrients are derived from blood, with low blood volume, the circulation may not happen properly and therefore, the organs may be deficient in nutrients. When there is poor blood flow to the penile, it gives rise to erection difficulties.

When the blood flow does not happen properly in the penile for a prolonged time, it might lead to erectile dysfunction. To increase blood volume, adequate fluid levels are crucial. It increases the hydration levels in the body, which improves blood volume.  

What are the symptoms of dehydration?

Some common indications that your body might be lacking sufficient water levels are headaches, dry mouth, fatigue, dizziness, feeling thirsty, and dark urine. These symptoms disappear immediately when you increase your water intake.

During severe dehydration, the body might be deprived of adequate hydration levels for a prolonged time. This can be indicated by symptoms such as confusion, high blood pressure, increased heart rate, lack of sweating even during warm climates, intense feelings of thirst, and low urine output.

How to overcome dehydration?

An individual’s fluid requirement depends on various factors like age, size, gender, exposure to warm temperatures, and physical activity level. The amount of water needed differs from one individual to another.

These symptoms might indicate your body lacks adequate water and you need to increase your intake of more fluids. Some effective ways to boost the hydration levels in the body are given below:

Drink more water:

By increasing your intake of water, you will be able to boost your overall health and well-being. Your hydration levels usually drop while exhaling, sweating, and eliminating waste from the body.

To replenish the lost fluids, you must increase your water intake. According to some sources, ideally, males should consume up to 3.7 liters of water, whereas females must consume 2.7 liters.   


A diet that has a high content of fluids is excellent. Consume more leafy greens, veggies, watermelon, strawberries, pineapples, oranges, peaches, cucumber, tomatoes, etc.  

Reduce caffeine intake:

Have caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea, energy drinks, etc. in moderation. Caffeine can lead to dehydration.

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