Does Jelquing Help Grow A Bigger Penis


According to anecdotal claims, Jelqing is a penile stretching exercise that may help grow a bigger penile. They believe such exercises might help enlarge the size and girth of the penile.  

It is performed by gently stimulating and massaging the penile by clasping the fingers around the penile shaft. This exercise increases blood circulation in the penile.  

As per the proponents, by boosting blood supply to the penile through jelqing exercises growth of new tissues may happen. Men who are not quite satisfied with the size of their penile may want to try this exercise.  

There is a lack of evidence and scientific backing that can prove the effectiveness of these exercises in making the penile bigger.   

About jelqing

Jelqing involves the application of gentle pressure on the penile through massages. To do this exercise, you need to make an “O” shape with your fingers and start pulling and squeezing the penile shaft from base to tip.   

Remember, you have to be gentle while doing this. Keep massaging the penile from the base to the tip. The upward motions might draw the blood in and pass it to the penile shaft.

The persistent movements increase the blood flow inside, which trains the penile to trap blood inside the arteries. When the exercise is performed regularly, the stretching can cause tiny tears around the penile tissues.

This can lead to new cellular growth, as the tears heal and repair. This makes the tissues of the penile to expand and grow. This expansion may make the penile to grow bigger.

Steps to perform a jelqing exercise

The way to perform the jelqing exercise is given below, and one must follow them, in the given order.  


A warm-up is essential before you begin the exercise. This is done to prep your penile tissues for the exercise. To facilitate that, you can take a warm shower, which will increase relaxation and as a result, boost blood circulation in the penile. 

Placing a warm washcloth on the penile may also be beneficial to relieve the muscle tension in the penile. This will increase the blood flow inside the penile and support the exercises.

Use lubrication

Once the warm-up is done, you must apply some moisturizer to the penile shaft. Instead of choosing an oil-based lubricant, prefer a water-based one. Because oil-based lubricants have comedogenic properties, they can clog the pores of your skin. Also, get a good-quality lubricant and apply it from the base to the tip of the penile.    

The water-based lubricants are non-comedogenic and they do not clog the pores. These are gentle on the skin and do not contribute to skin irritation.

The application of lubricant will eliminate any feeling of discomfort. It also prevents bruising due to friction while performing jelqing. You have to keep reapplying the lubricant again and again, as it may dry out.     


This exercise can be performed manually or with the help of some device. If you are using your fingers to perform it, begin by bringing your thumb and index fingers together to make an OK sign.

Create this OK sign by encircling the base of the penile. Now, you have to gradually slide your fingers from the base to the tip of the penile shaft. Make sure you are being gentle and do not feel any sense of discomfort while doing it.

Use lubrication if it has dried out. As your fingers reach the penile tip, you have to start again from the base. You must continue repeating the same for around 15 to 20 minutes. You can do this exercise 5 times a week.    

Can jelqing help improve penile size?  

The evidence regarding the effectiveness of performing jelqing on the sexual function is not adequate. There needs to be consolidated research done to back such anecdotal claims.  

One cannot simply make conclusions if the exercise truly influences the size and girth of the penile. It might cause some slight changes due to the tearing of tissues, but one may not see significant changes in their penile size.      

Consistency may promote new cellular growth in the tears. Further, the tears may thicken and expand after the healing process takes place.  

Can jelqing help manage ED?

The gentle massages might help boost the blood flow to the penile. The increase of blood supply to the penile shaft may help achieve and maintain stronger erections. However, the exercise does not guarantee that.

To improve the erection response, one can use ED medicine such as Tazzle 20. Their function is to dilate the penile arteries and enhance blood flow inside to trigger stronger erections. 

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