Does Smoking Lead To Erectile Dysfunction


Individuals with excessive smoking habits are more prone to developing issues with their erection function. Chronic smoking is one of the major contributors to erectile dysfunction (ED).

Research suggests that the reason why smoking leads to ED is, that it causes the impairment of vascular function. Since the health of the vascular function is necessary for an optimal erection response, its impairment leads to ED in males.

The vascular health will deteriorate over time. If the individual stops smoking, their erection function might take a few months to years to get restored.

In some cases, the damage is to such an extent that it might leave a long-term impact on the individual’s ability to get and sustain stronger erections. Apart from impotence, smoking might also cause other issues related to sexual health.

How does ED happen?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is an issue related to sexual health in males. It is characterized by the difficulty of achieving or sustaining erections. It stems from the lack of sufficient blood flow to the penile.

The reason for the reduction in the blood flow to the penile is the narrowing of penile blood vessels. The penile blood vessels narrow and constrict because of drops in nitric oxide levels in the inner walls of blood vessels.

Vascular dysfunction can happen due to several factors like physiological health conditions, psychological issues, injury, surgery, chronic smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption.

How does smoking affect penile blood vessels?

Studies have shown that individuals who smoke excessively are more prone to developing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in comparison to non-smokers. Occasional smoking might not affect vascular health too much.

However, chronic smokers are highly susceptible to developing issues related to their erection function permanently. This happens due to the contents of cigarettes. Cigarette smoke consists of hazardous and toxic chemicals, which are inhaled inside the lungs and assimilated into your bloodstream.  

These toxic substances can be cyanide, carbon monoxide, nicotine, etc. They enter the circulatory system, which carries these toxic chemicals to all parts and organs of your body.

The toxin chemicals decrease the levels of nitric oxide (NO) in the body. Nitric oxide is an essential chemical needed for optimal vascular health and function. When its levels drop, the blood vessels narrow, and in this way the blood flow gets limited.

Smoking and erectile dysfunction

A drop in the levels of nitric oxide happens because of toxic substances released due to smoke. Nitric oxide (NO) has a crucial role in the health of the penile blood vessels and vascular system in general.

Smoke releases hazardous chemicals that injure the delicate walls of the penile blood vessels. The blood vessels lose their flexibility and become hard. They turn narrow and constricted.

The narrowing of the penile blood vessels prevents the blood from flowing through their passages. The penile does not receive adequate blood after the narrowing. The blood flow to the penile gets blocked.

This affects the quality of erections. Lack of blood circulation to the penile contributes to erection difficulties. The person may struggle to achieve and maintain harder erections. This prevents them from having a fulfilling and satisfactory sexual performance.

Why is nitric oxide important?   

Nitric oxide has a key role in maintaining the health and optimal functioning of the blood vessels. It keeps the blood vessels dilated and eases the blood flow through their passages.

It conducts vasodilation and keeps the blood vessels dilated to allow more blood flow to the erectile tissues in the penile. A decrease in the levels of this chemical leads to vasoconstriction.

Due to vasoconstriction, the blood flow to the penile gets hindered. In response to that, the person develops erection difficulties. They struggle to get or keep erections. In this way, nitric oxide ensures the healthy functioning of the vascular system.

Moreover, it is possible to restore the function of the penile blood vessels with treatments like ED medicines. Filitra professional medications are ED medicines that can help overcome erection difficulties and temporarily restore your ability to get harder erections. 

Can erection function be restored after quitting smoking?

Yes, indeed. Although it might take a while, you may see great improvement in your ability to attain erections. According to several studies, the health of your erection function might be restored within 2 to 12 weeks (that is, about 3 months) of quitting smoking. 

The blood flow to the penile increases, with the boost in the levels of nitric oxide. Since toxins present in the smoke decrease the levels of nitric oxide, quitting the smoking habit will increase the NO levels, thereby reviving your erection function.

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