Effects Of Sex Therapy On Erectile Dysfunction

Sex therapy is a talk therapy that involves several sessions that can help alleviate sexual problems. The therapist might conduct some counseling sessions, suggest some couple activities, and help relieve relationship challenges.  

Sex therapy might also be beneficial for treating sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction (ED) in men and loss of sexual desire in both sexes. Sexuality is a very intricate concept that requires deeper understanding.  

With a careful and considerate manner, the therapist targets the areas that need work. The sessional will make the couple unravel the reasons why the male counterpart is experiencing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

How does erectile dysfunction happen?      

Poor circulation in the penile is a reason for erection difficulties. The blood vessels present in the penile fail to deliver adequate blood to the penile. This happens due to the narrowing and constricting of the penile blood vessels.

Erection function depends on the health of the vascular system. The vascular system is affected by several physiological health conditions. They include heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and, cardiovascular disorders.

Stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationship problems can also be potent factors for impotence problems.  

How is sex therapy given?

Sex therapy is specialized counseling given to a couple that is facing issues in their intimate relationship. The counselor is a certified licensed therapist that is specialized in performing therapy for resolving sexual issues.  

The therapy involves well-planned and designed therapy sessions that target sexual issues between a couple. The session will be fruitful only when both partners take the sessions together. The counseling mainly involves talk sessions. The therapy will be given in around 5 to 20 sessions with each session spanning over an hour or so.   

The sessions involve open and honest discussions about intimate experiences, beliefs, feelings, orientations, and thoughts. The counselor will apply various techniques and different approaches for conducting the sessions.    

In addition to the talk sessions, the therapist will also give assignments to do at home. This may include reading some good books on sexuality and engaging in some activities with the partner.  

What issues does sex therapy resolve?

Sex therapy helps address a range of concerns related to sexual function. The problems can be related to erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low sex drive or low libido, orgasmic disorders, and pain during intercourse.

Moreover, it also helps couples effectively deal with sexual trauma or abuse, communication problems regarding sexuality, infidelity, trust issues related to sexuality, sexual orientation concerns, and lack of sexual satisfaction.

These counseling sessions and talk therapies are geared toward to resolution of sexual conflicts between couples. It helps ease communication, overcome underlying problems with sexuality, and strengthen the sexual bond between couples.     

Sex therapy spices up your sex life. It alters one’s attitude towards sexuality. The counselor provides a safe space for the couple to open up about all their problems and discuss their issues in detail without hesitating.    

Sex therapy for erectile dysfunction

The therapist will follow an approach that involves the following components:

Awareness and information

The therapist will first make you aware of erectile dysfunction and why it happens. They will inform you regarding the physiological as well as psychological causes of it.

Becoming informed about the ways to overcome the stigma attached to erectile dysfunction in the session will ease anxiety and stress.

Psychological assessment

The therapist will ask both partners deeper questions, which might reveal the true cause of impotence and sexual difficulties. Sexual problems may arise because of some mental health concerns like stress, anxiety, performance anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, etc.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

This therapy involves various techniques that help the couple identify the things that are bothering them and the beliefs they hold related to their sexuality. These techniques instill sexual confidence. 

Communication training

For a fulfilling and satisfactory sexual experience, the communication between the couple must be clear. The therapy teaches them to talk more about their sexual needs and desires. These sessions make them add more sensuality to their life. It deepens their bond.

Sensate focus exercises

These exercises anchor your focus in the present moment during sexual interaction. They involve sensual touches that are for sexual pleasure without the compulsion to have sexual intercourse. This will help individuals identify their arousal points.

Relationship counselling  

Relationship conflicts can be a reason for erectile dysfunction. The counselor will try to resolve the conflicts to enhance the intimacy between the couple.  

These therapy sessions take time to show the effect on sexual performance. One can make use of ED medicines like Tadalista 5.  

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