Erectile Dysfunction In A Long-term Relationship

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common sexual problem that can cause sexual distress in individuals in long-term relationships. It is a common type of sexual difficulty in males. This difficulty leads to the avoidance of sexual activity in married couples or those who are in a long-term committed relationship.

This might cause a decrease in the intimacy and closeness between them. This might even weaken their bond. However, this difficulty can be managed in some effective ways.  

Ways to manage ED in a long-term relationship

Have open communication

There is a stigma attached to the concept of ED in men. Experiencing the symptoms of ED might make them feel less of a man. This is not their fault, but generally, men who experience sexual difficulties are considered to be less masculine by society.

This compels men to keep their sexual problems under wraps and continue to live with ED silently. They may even keep it hidden from their partner, which can lead to relationship conflicts.

Their partner might think that their man is either seeing someone else or they are no longer attractive to them. This is why open communication is necessary. This will help them get clarity.

Seek counselling

Counseling is essential when the person is experiencing ED symptoms because of some psychological factors. Mental health concerns like stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, esteem issues, relationship problems, etc., can be the reasons for erection difficulties.

These can be managed through counseling. The counselor or psychotherapist can help the person unwind and talk about sensitive topics that require attention. Honest communication and touching down on sensitive concerns will ease their mental health issues to a great extent.

Gain awareness   

As a couple, you will be able to cope the sexual difficulties more efficiently. This is why, it is necessary to understand the concept of ED and why it happens. It might be some symptom of physiological or psychological factors.

Their nothing to be ashamed of. It is necessary to overcome the stigma and understand how common and natural it is to have ED. The involvement of the partner will ease the management of ED.

Go for couples therapy

A counselor can help couples to address all their relationship problems. Sometimes relationship issues, problems with understanding, grudges, infidelity, etc., can cause the couple to grow distant. This can affect the person mentally, which can trigger erection problems.

During the therapy sessions, the therapist will help resolve such relationship conflicts and encourage intimacy in the relationship.

Do some lifestyle changes

A bad and unhealthy lifestyle can affect the overall health and well-being. If one of the partners is not taking care of their health or both, then they might begin to experience some difficulties with sexual function.

It is necessary to stay healthy, which significantly influences sexual health. As a couple, it is necessary to include some lifestyle changes like healthy eating, exercising, getting adequate sleep, managing stress, and avoiding excessive smoking and alcohol.

These small changes can have a big impact on not just your sexual health but the overall quality of life.

Improve your intimacy

Intimacy is not just about sex. It also involves non-sexual activities like spending quality time together, fostering a close bond, holding hands, giving each other space, holding hands, and so on.

These non-sexual activities will strengthen the bond between the couples and deepen it further. It can naturally enhance intimacy and help manage sexual problems.  

Use Ed medicines

Get to know what ED medicines are and understand their mechanism of action. It is important to tell the partner and decide together about incorporating their usage for ease of erection function.

There are FDA medicines available for ED management and there are indeed some generic versions of them. ED medicines like Valif 20 can boost the flow of blood to the penile and help revive the function of erections. These medicines overcome erection difficulties by boosting blood flow through the penile arteries.  

Such medicines work only in the presence of arousal. Sexual arousal happens with ease when the intimate bond between the couple is strong. The medicine does not deliver the required results in the absence of arousal.   

The lowdown

Erectile dysfunction can be a challenging problem when you are in a long-term relationship like marriage. It can cause sexual avoidance, which can impact the overall well-being of both the partners involved in the relationship.

Sexual intimacy not only improves the person’s sexual health, it also enhances their overall well-being. But ED can dwindle the intimacy and closeness between the couple.

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