HiForce 50mg ODS X Factor For Men

HiForce 50mg ODS X Factor For Men HiForce 50mg ODS X Factor For Men
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Healing Pharma
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    Hi Force - Sildenafil Citrate 50mg

    Healing Pharma uses Sildenafil Citrate to consume the medicine HiForce 50mg ODS that helps impotent men to relieve impotence issue in men. This medicine is known to be an ideal alternative to blue pills. Medicine, when consumed with water, delivers best outcomes. Main active substance immediately releases into the blood and immediately begins to work over impotence issue in men. Mainly, the tool is to intend for achieving a one-time effect which is a quality erection for performing sexual lovemaking session. The medicine actively improves the quality of sexual life, as well as for the treatment of impotence issue in men. The medicine works quickly through the mucous membranes with an effectiveness that is delivered to the bloodstream as soon as possible, leaving no traces in the mouth, and providing a fresh feeling in the mouth with its mint flavor.


    • HiForce 50mg ODS is intended for allowing men to achieve a one-time effect with a quality penile erection and for performing sexual lovemaking session
    • A distinctive feature of this ED drug is all assimilated through the oral cavity, as well as for the highest rate of impact in the male body
    • Post consumption of the pill in just 15-20 minutes it shall begin to deliver effectiveness that stays in the bloodstream for maximum time


    The medicine used by men with issues in the penile erection needs to consume one pill per day. When a user cannot maintain his penile erection for a longer time through enough experience of sex interaction, he should use this pill. The recommended dosage of HiForce 50mg ODS is 50g which all depends on necessity, and with an hour in advance. While consuming this medicine, effectiveness might be a little slower than usual. For maximum effectiveness of this medicine, it is highly recommended for combining it with sexual lovemaking session.


    HiForce 50mg ODS pill with Sildenafil Citrate as main active component works well over impotence in men. The pill helps in boosting up impotence issue when the enhanced amount of blood flow occurs in the penile region and it might lower arterial complication in general. Sildenafil Citrate component in the medicine is classified as an inhibited PDE type of 5 and function for enhancing the level of cGMP in the penile. Proper flow of blood in the penile helps men to attain a stiffer penile erection for a longer time.


    Taking medicine HiForce 50mg ODS as prescribed approx. 30 minutes before planned lovemaking session helps men to stay active for max 4 hours.

    Side Effects:

    • Overdose with the medicine HiForce 50mg ODS might lead to some severe and adverse reactions, hence consume the pills in moderation as  prescribed
    • Mild side effects with the medicine include headaches, nausea, body ache, and vomiting. However, these mild effects with the medicines are nothing to worry about as they do not last for a longer time

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