How To Bring Sex Back Into Your Marriage


Marriage is a lifelong commitment, that two individuals agree upon. During the initial years of marriage, passion, and intimacy are off the chart. But the spark may not remain the same in every couple’s relationship.

The frequency of sexual interaction may decrease. This can be attributed to lifestyle and stress. Because of this, some couples may tend to lose the spark gradually.

But there are indeed several ways to restore it and keep it alive. In this blog, we will learn about how one can bring back sex into a sexless marriage.

Ways to revive sex in marriage

Communicate openly

Communication is the foundation of any successful relationship. Lack of it can dull your bond and make you two distant and turn cold.

You must initiate an open and honest conversation with your partner. Express your needs and desires. Tell them how you are feeling and ask them about theirs.

Be attentive

Make sure you hear their needs and desires too. Mutual understanding needs honest communication, which is the key here. Strengthen the foundation by engaging in random conversations regularly.    

Be solution oriented

You should ask yourself how can make your mutual bond stronger. Think about ways you can contribute to catalyze your sex life. Your commitment to bringing your sex life back on track will encourage your partner to do the same. 

Addressing your problems together will be beneficial for understanding the gaps in your relationship. Together you can overcome all the issues maturely and handle all difficulties in an effective manner.

Create a safe space

If you think you are going too fast or trying too hard then give yourself some time. Your partner may also need some time. It may happen gradually. Let that happen slowly and naturally.

Forcing things will get you nowhere, instead, it will make you two uncomfortable. Therefore, you must create a safe space for your partner. Allow them to feel free to express their views and be vulnerable.

Stay positive

A positive approach will make things easier for you two. No one can be happy all the time, but you can choose to remain positive in most situations.

It is very easy to feel negative and drift into worrisome thoughts. But with a positive attitude, you can gear the situation in your favor.

Acknowledge your mutual efforts in bringing your sex life back on track. This will encourage you two to make good progress. 

Surprise your partner

Small gestures like beautiful text messages, gifts, and words of affirmation can mean a lot to your partner. You must learn about their love language. Your efforts will be appreciated by them.

You can plan a date for your partner. Small gestures can make them feel special. They will cherish you for your spontaneity and considerate behavior.

Prioritize intimate time

Day-to-day stress and lifestyle factors can get you tied up. This affects your intimacy big time. You must plan and take some time out of your day to dedicate to your partner.

Both of you must allocate some time to spend together. If it is not possible to do so every day, then you can choose a time twice or thrice a week. Prioritize your time together.

Set the mood

To introduce more comfort and ease, you can make use of candles, soft music, and cozy lighting. This will enhance your mood and help you to become intimate more easily.

Be patient

When it comes to the revival of your sex life, it may not happen quickly. It is quite uncomfortable to feel the same way it felt during the initial days or the beginning of your relationship.

You must also consider your partner’s feelings on this. They might also feel as uncomfortable as you to begin it all together. Give them some time. Keep checking on them.

Respect their boundaries

In an effort to bring back vibrancy in your intimate life make sure you do respect your partner’s boundaries. You must not force your views and opinions on your partner. Let them feel comfortable to take it slow at their own pace. 

Focus on your well-being

If you do not take care of yourself, your health might suffer. This will have an impact on every individual that is in close connection with you. Since your partner is closest, they might get affected significantly.    

With ill health, you cannot offer your partner what they deserve in the relationship. You must take care of yourself. Exercise every day without fail. Consume a clean and healthy diet. Learn to manage stress.     

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