How To Enhance Penis Sensitivity


The penile has thousands of nerves that make it more sensitive to friction and arousal. Sexual stimulation triggers erections. Some men might lose their penile sensitivity due to several reasons like injuries, low testosterone, medicinal side effects, health conditions, circumcision, and so on.

Lack of penile sensitivity gives rise to erection problems. The person might struggle to achieve and maintain erections, causing erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence. However, there are some effective ways to restore the sensitivity of the penile. We shall explore them in this blog.

Ways to increase penile sensitivity

By implementing some techniques, you will be able to enhance penile sensitivity, which will increase sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Some strategies to boost sensitivity are as follows:

Maintain a healthy lifestyle  

Living a healthy lifestyle is essential for overall well-being. It can contribute to better blood circulation throughout the body. Consuming a nutritious diet, exercising regularly, and avoiding smoking and alcohol will ensure nerve health and optimal function.

When the nerve's function is healthy, it improves penile sensitivity. The increase of blood circulation in the penile region will keep the nerves responding actively to sexual stimulation. This is why, one must make these necessary changes to lifestyle.     

Practice sensate focus

Sensate focus exercises help improve intimacy and bond between partners. It eliminates performance anxiety and any worry related to sex and intimacy. Sensate focus techniques involve the exploration and stimulation of sensitive parts of the body, especially the erogenous zones.

Erogenous zones include the neck, thighs, lips, genitals, etc. Gently stimulating these areas enhances sensory awareness. It enhances sexual pleasure. Practicing gentle stroking on the penile frequently can restore the penile sensitivity over time.

Use lubrication

Use a good quality lubricant in a generous amount during a sexual activity. It reduces friction and increases sensations. It makes the penile more sensitive to sexual stimulation and stroking. Moreover, make use of a gentle lubricant. A water-based or silicone-based one is preferable, as it eases the use of condoms and sex toys.

Try different sexual positions

Certain sexual positions can provide more sexual pleasure comparatively. You must keep experimenting by switching sexual positions. This allows you to change the angle and the pressure felt on the penile shaft will enhance sexual stimulation.

The change in the pressure on the penile will help increase penile sensitivity and maximize pleasure. You need to communicate to your partner as to which sexual position enhances your penile sensitivity and offers pleasure. Both of you can continue to explore more sexual positions and try different techniques.

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness allows you to anchor your focus in the present, enhancing sensory awareness. When you are present and completely aware, you feel the sensations of sexual stimulation more intensely. This increases pleasure.

Being present during sexual activity helps you stay grounded. It helps eliminate stress, anxiety, and worries. All the distractions dissolve and you will be able to experience heightened sexual satisfaction.

Overcome stress and anxiety 

Stress and negative emotions trigger the release of cortisol hormone in the body. An increase in cortisol level will impact sexual arousal, as the hormone suppresses the release of feel-good hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin.

Stress and anxiety negatively affect sexual function by interfering with arousal. The brain will fail to inform the penile nerves about arousal, which leads to erection difficulties. Therefore, it is essential to manage stress and anxiety through several techniques.

Use sex toys

Sex toys can be of great use when it comes to enhancing the sensitivity of the penile. You can incorporate penile rings (O rings), textured sleeves, vibrators, etc. during sexual activity. These things can provide additional stimulation and increase penile sensitivity, increasing sexual satisfaction.    

Those with ED can use medications like Tadagra 10 for the revival of erection function. These medications boost blood flow to the penile, increase penile sensitivity, and help attain harder erections.

See a healthcare professional    

A sudden decrease in penile sensitivity can be an indication of some underlying health problem. If you continue to experience this difficulty, it will affect your sexual health big time. So, to overcome the penile insensitivity, you must consult a healthcare professional.

The provider will evaluate your symptoms, and identify the cause of insensitivity by ruling out any underlying medical conditions. Based on that, they will provide personalized recommendations or treatments.

The lowdown  

All these strategies might not work in the case of every individual. The preferences and responses vary from one person to another. To know which technique is suitable for you, start experimenting by employing different techniques.

Find what works for you and your partner. Your partner’s engagement is also necessary. Once you find the way, it will be beneficial for maximizing sexual pleasure and satisfaction.  

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