How To Have A Happy Sex Life With Herpes

A sexually transmitted disease (STD) like herpes can affect your sex life. Two types of herpes can affect you. First is genital herpes (HSV-2) and the other one is oral herpes (HSV-1).  

This disease is contagious. It is a viral infection that can be spread through sexual contact or oral sex with the affected person.  

But it is possible to have safe sex despite having this infection. In this blog, we will explore the ways to continue a fulfilling sex life with herpes.

Ways to navigate sexual relationships with herpes  

Educate yourself and your partner

The first step is to gain awareness regarding herpes. Get to know how it spreads and who is a higher risk of developing this infection. See how common it is.

Getting to know how herpes spreads and the risk factors involved is important. Your partner’s awareness is equally important. This will drive away all your fears and anxiety related to having sex with infection.

Communicate openly

Before getting intimate with your partner, make them fully aware that you have got herpes. Tell them about your difficulties and struggles in getting intimate. Together you can find effective ways to deal with it.


In case it is you who has this infection, then try to understand their difficulties and give them your much-needed support. Ask them about their problems and try to sympathize with them.  

Always use protection

It is necessary to be aware of the risk factors involved with having sex with this condition. You must become aware of the methods to prevent the risk of spreading the infection to your partner.  

You must use some protective shield such as condoms. You can use condoms to prevent the spreading of genital herpes. For oral herpes, you can use dental dams.

Using the protection will reduce the risk of transmission of the infection from the genital to the mouth or vice versa. Note that, condoms may not provide you complete protection against the infection, so there are other precautions that you need to follow.

Avoid sex during outbreaks  

Herpes outbreaks can last for around two to four weeks. Within that period, you must avoid getting intimate. Chances are that the risk of contagion of this infection is usually at its peak during outbreaks.

Let the herpes sores heal completely. After that, you can continue having sex. But unless it heals do not proceed, otherwise, it will potentiate the risk of infection transmission.

Focus on intimacy

Intimacy plays a crucial role in a sexual relationship. It is not always about sexual activity; intimacy is equally important. It is essential as it establishes a deep connection between the couple.

Even if you cannot have sex during the outbreak of herpes, you can continue to have a deep intimate bond. It is a non-sexual form of lovemaking, and the risk of contagion is not even there.

Antiviral medications

To prevent the frequent outbreaks, you can take antiviral medications. Your healthcare provider will prescribe some antivirals, which will lower your risk of spreading it to your partner.


Taking these medicines as guided by your healthcare provider will reduce your risk of transmitting to your partner.

Seek professional support

Your healthcare provider will check for the symptoms of herpes. They will prescribe you some remedies such as medications, creams, and topicals.

Rather than trying to manage the condition on your own, it is better to get medical attention. Over-the-counter medicines might relieve the symptoms, but it might not be as safe and effective.

Reach out to people like you

Try to connect and get in touch with people who have had this infection for a long time. They can guide you on how you can continue to have sexual interaction despite herpes.

They will suggest some effective ways in which you can safely engage in sexual activity. You will also get a lot of support when you talk to such people.

Learn to handle stress

Stress can aggravate the symptoms of herpes. It can trigger an outbreak. Incorporate several stress-managing techniques like exercising, meditation, and deep breathing.

Mindful deep breathing exercises can bring down your stress levels. Your mind will be able to attain peace. In this way, the symptoms of herpes will not get aggravated.

Treat erectile dysfunction

Some males may experience erection difficulties because of several factors. As they are already being very careful about not transmitting, herpes to their partner, they may also face sexual difficulties because of impotence.

A problem like ED can be managed with ED medicines like Filagra. These medicines boost the flow of blood to the penile and improve erection function.  

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