How To Lose Weight And Increase Sperm Count?

According to the National Institute of Health, obesity can affect sperm concentration. Some studies have revealed that weight gain is linked to an impact on sperm health and fertility. Losing some weight can lead to an increase in the sperm count.   

Obesity is a chronic health condition that can have a massive impact on your overall health and well-being. Several ways in which obesity can influence your sperm count are as follows:  

Hormonal imbalances  

Obesity contributes to hormonal imbalances. The levels of estrogen and testosterone sex hormones go out of balance. When testosterone levels drop, sperm production gets affected.

The higher the levels of testosterone in the body, the better will be the sperm health. Sperms are produced in the testicles, but low levels of testosterone impact sperm count negatively.

Oxidative stress

Obesity causes oxidative stress. It causes oxidative damage to the body. The damage is caused by the free radicals, which are the molecules that attack the cells of the body.

Obese individuals have high levels of oxidative stress. As per various sources, a high level of oxidative stress is associated with deformities and abnormalities in sperm. The free radicals damage the sperm cell membranes and affect their motility.

Temperature regulation

The sperm needs a slightly lower temperature than the rest of the body to survive. Sperms are produced in the testes. The temperature of the testes must be low to support sperm production and health.

In the case of an obese person, fat cells may accumulate around the waist. The fat accumulation in the abdominal region increases the temperature in the pelvic region. As a result, sperm health gets affected due to high temperature.

Insulin resistance  

Obese people are highly prone to the risk of insulin resistance. According to the National Institute of Health, during insulin resistance, the cells of your muscles, fat, and liver fail to utilize the glucose from the blood. This leads to a surge in the levels of blood glucose.

Obesity is a major cause of impairment of insulin sensitivity. It also potentiates the chances of developing type 2 diabetes. Insulin resistance worsens the hormonal imbalance, which in turn impacts sperm production. 

Fertility problems

Obesity can increase a person’s chances of developing fertility issues. Their ability to produce sperm gets reduced and they may experience difficulties conceiving a child.  

Note that, it is not necessary that all obese individuals experience these issues which affect their sperm health. However, such individuals are more likely to develop these difficulties. The factors that affect sperm health may vary from individual to individual.

The impacts may also depend on various factors like genetics, lifestyle factors, other health conditions, etc.  

Lifestyle changes to manage weight

Healthy diet

  • A diet-induced weight loss can happen more efficiently.
  • It is essential to follow a clean diet incorporating vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, cereals, etc.
  • Stop consuming processed food, junk, and unhealthy foods. It is crucial to maintain the weight.
  • Limit the consumption of sugar and fried meals.
  • Portion control can be very helpful in losing those extra pounds. For this, start eating your food on a small-sized plate.  
  • A dietician can help lose excess weight safely.  

Do physical activity

  • Physical activity is extremely important.
  • You should start performing light exercises. Because it is not safe to begin hard-core exercises.
  • Regular aerobic activity for at least 30 minutes is essential. You can do easy exercises such as walking, jogging, brisk walking, and cycling.
  • Once you get used to light exercises, you can transition to moderate intensity physical activities.
  • It is always advisable to seek the help of a bariatric healthcare provider or bariatrician.    

Increase water intake

It is necessary to have adequate hydration levels in the body. For that, you must drink plenty of water.

Rather than choosing other types of beverages to replace water, you should prefer water. Chuck sugary beverages. 

Take enough rest

  • Resting is essential for overall health. Resting is a restorative activity.
  • After exercising, the body needs rest. This will support and speed up the weight loss process.
  • One must never skip sleep and get adequate rest.

To conclude  

Men with obesity who wish to increase their sperm count must lose some weight. Only losing is not enough, one has to maintain the weight. If it keeps fluctuating, then the person may continue to have issues related to their sperm health.

To lose weight safely, you can consult a nutritionist, dietician, bariatrician, fitness professional, and a personalized gym trainer. There guidance and advice can aid your weight loss journey.

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