Interaction Of Alcohol And ED Medications

Men using ED medicines for managing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) need to limit their alcohol intake. The combination of alcohol with ED medicines might not be favorable for health in general.  

ED medicines can trigger some potential side effects, and the interaction of alcohol with the medicine can worsen those.  

Combining alcohol and ED medicines

ED medicines contain an active ingredient that is categorized under the group of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors drugs. PDE5 inhibitors have vasodilation qualities that relieve the muscle strains of the arteries and ease blood flow to the penile.

Alcohol is also a vasodilator substance that expands the blood vessels and eases the blood flow through the arteries. The mixing of these vasodilator substances can double the vasodilator effects. This can cause a significant drop in the blood pressure.

Both these substances individually contribute to the decrease in blood pressure as they dilate the blood vessels. The vasodilating effects due to these will get amplified and in turn, potentiates the risk of hypotension or low blood pressure in some individuals.  

Additionally, the effects of ED medicines are not limited to the penile region, it can happen to the blood vessels throughout the body. This is why the interaction of both these substances might not be safe for individuals who have chronic health conditions like heart disease, cardiovascular disorders, kidney, or liver disorders, etc.  

Effects of mixing alcohol and ED medicines

There is a substantial decrease in blood pressure when these two are combined. Since both these substances are vasodilators, they dilate the blood vessels by triggering the release (NO) of nitric oxide in the endothelial walls of the blood vessels.

Nitric oxide is the chemical that is responsible for conducting vasodilation. Alcohol and ED medications independently cause the release of NO, the blood vessels get too dilated. This leads to the excessive expansion of their passages so that more blood flows inside them easily.  

When the blood flows with ease, the blood pressure decreases. The effects of nitric oxide widen the vascular passages, which allows more room for the blood to flow, thereby decreasing the pressure with which the blood flows through the blood vessels.

Healthcare professionals generally may not recommend the use of alcohol with ED medicines. Their mixing can potentiate their health risk. Besides, the use of ED medicines is not safe for individuals who have some health issues. But if they still take both these substances together, then their combination can have detrimental effects on health.

Does alcohol nullify the effects of ED medicines?

Apart from exacerbating the negative side effects of ED medicines, alcohol might also affect the medicinal action. The ED medicine might fail to deliver its required action in the presence of alcohol. There will be no use in taking the medicine.

In some cases, excessive alcohol can even worsen the erection difficulties. The person will experience severe problems in getting and sustaining erections.   

Potential risks of combining alcohol and ED medicines

Their combination can lead to a significant reduction in blood pressure. The fall in blood pressure can be indicated through symptoms such as headache, fainting, lightheadedness, dizziness, drowsiness, flushing, and heart palpitations. These can be of mild to severe intensity.   

If there is an excessive drop in blood pressure, it can potentiate the risk of life-threatening side effects. This calls for immediate medical attention. Individuals living with chronic health conditions must never use alcohol and ED drugs in combination. It is necessary to talk to the healthcare professional first.

The guidance of healthcare professionals will reduce the risk and prevent any major health risks due to negligence. In case you find it difficult to avoid alcohol intake, then you must at least limit its consumption.

Try to use alcohol in moderation while you are taking ED medicines. You need to cut down on it especially the day you are planning to use ED medicine. This will reduce the risk of severe side effects of their combination.   

How to safely take ED medicines?

ED medicines will either lead to serious side effects or lose their effectiveness in the presence of alcohol. The medicine has to be taken an hour before an anticipates sex. It is better to stick to a low dose of alcohol or it is even better if you completely stay away from it on the day you are thinking to use ED medicine.

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