Macleods Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Macleods Pharmaceuticals has evolved with the multidimensional aspiration of consistent growth and sustainability. The company remains focused on providing quality and affordable solutions to billions of ailing patients across geographies and also filling up the bridged gap of unmet needs of medical fraternity with respect to continuous innovation. The basic business philosophy of this company is to serve a social responsibility hence they have a far better reason than profits alone to be famous and drive performance.

The vision of this company is to become a leading global pharmaceutical company which helps to provide a high quality, affordable and innovative therapeutic medication. On the other hand, the mission of the pharmaceutical giant is to provide affordable medications that are essential for therapies including TB, malaria & HIV.

The systems and procedures followed by this company ensure that they provide the products that are complying with international standards and of best “QUALITY”. This quality of medicine is a synthesis of World Guidelines, regulations, law, and human requirements. This perfect manufacturing guideline helps men to cater the best needs of their customers.

Macleods Pharmaceuticals has several facilities for manufacturing Tablets (dispersible, coated, bi-layered, enteric coated, and uncoated), soft gelatin capsules, hard gelatin capsules, dry syrups, Dry powder injections, granules and liquid orals.

Macleods Pharmaceuticals company’s innovations and quality up-gradation programs are known essential ingredients and R & D to plays a pivotal role. The company’s marketing efforts are supported by a strong R & D team that consisting of over 700 highly qualified in-house scientists. The large teams of zealous scientists work day and night in such R & D center that is fully equipped with the latest equipment, which facilitates for developing formulations, which are bio-equivalent, safe and efficacious.

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