Penile Discoloration Causes And Treatment


The condition when penile discoloration happens is known as penile melanosis. It leads to the occurrence of dark spots or patches on the surface of the penile skin. This can be attributed to the production of excessive amounts of melanin.

The formation of these dark spots happens because of pigmentation. The condition is generally harmless. It does not trigger any symptoms like pain, discomfort, or irritation.

Discoloration of the penile     

Penile melanosis is a condition wherein some dark spots appear on the penile skin. These spots are non-cancerous patches that are usually flat and uniform in color. The condition is usually asymptomatic and does not require treatment.

It is necessary to be cautious, as skin discoloration can also happen because of a type of skin cancer, called melanoma. It is essential to distinguish between melanoma, which is cancerous growth, and Penile melanosis.

For that, a diagnostic evaluation has to be done. To prevent any major risk, it is better to consult a healthcare provider in case you have developed some skin discoloration in the penile.  

The spots may appear irregular in shape, are rapidly changing in size or color, have uneven borders, and lead to symptoms such as itching, bleeding, or pain.  

Causes of penile discoloration

Here are several causes of penile discoloration:

Normal changes

The skin tone around the body may vary. Some areas may be slightly darker than the rest. This can also happen with the penile skin. In some men, the genital organs are usually darker compared to the rest of the body.

The reasons why the penile may become discolored are genetics, hormonal changes, and ethnicity.


The skin around the penile is very sensitive. It is more prone to friction and irritation. This can happen due to an excessive amount of friction, which is applied during sexual intercourse, masturbation, wearing tight undergarments, etc. 

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

Some skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis can lead to skin inflammation and irritation. This persistent inflammation causes the development of dark spots on the penile skin.

Besides, some infections can also contribute to hyperpigmentation. This can cause permanent discoloration of the penile skin.   

Skin-related disorders

Skin disorders are conditions that can affect the color of the penile skin. The skin conditions that can trigger the changes in the penile color include vitiligo, psoriasis, and lichen sclerosis. 


Penile melanosis is a harmless condition that is characterized by the presence of dark spots or patches on the surface of the penile. This occurs due to the increase in the production of melanin.  

Lack of proper blood circulation

Sometimes blood circulation in the penile may not happen because of blockages of the penile blood vessels. The penile arteries may become narrow, thereby preventing the blood supply inside.

Poor blood flow to the penile can lead to the discoloration of the penile skin.  

Additionally, the blood circulation to the penile can be increased with ED medications like Vigora 50. These medicines are for men experiencing erectile dysfunction symptoms.

Hormonal changes  

Hormonal fluctuations can cause skin pigmentation. The changes in skin color majorly occur during puberty. This can also happen after undergoing hormonal therapy. Fluctuations in the hormone levels can contribute to skin pigmentation.

Medication side effects

The side reactions of certain medications, like oral pills or even topical creams, ointments, etc. can lead to skin pigmentation. The penile may appear too dark in comparison to the rest of the other body parts in this case.

Sun exposure

Too much sun exposure may cause skin damage and lead to hyperpigmentation. The harsh UV rays from the sun penetrate deep within the skin and trigger melatonin production. Prolonged sunbathing can cause the penile skin to turn discolored.

Underlying health conditions

The reason for penile discoloration in some rare cases is some underlying health condition such as a sexually transmitted infection (STI) or diabetes.

Additionally, some men with penile discoloration may feel embarrassed to be naked in front of their partner. If they are experiencing issues with erection function, then this causes distress.        

To overcome erection problems, one can use ED medicines like Super Tadarise. These medicines boost the flow of blood through the penile arteries.

They are the pure vasodilators that expand the penile blood vessels and increase blood flow to the penile.



In case you are noticing some changes in the color of your penile skin, you must see your healthcare provider. They will conduct your diagnostic evaluation to determine the underlying cause.

Based on the test results, they will recommend some treatment. They may suggest surgical removal of the pigmentation or laser therapy. The dark spots and patches are harmless and can be effectively removed with treatment.

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