Remedies For Managing Premature Ejaculation Naturally


Some men may struggle to ejaculate on time. The condition wherein they ejaculate too early than the desired time is known as premature ejaculation (PE). This contributes to sexual distress, which leaves the couple sexually unsatisfied.

PE is characterized by the passing of semen too soon while still having sexual intercourse. The ejaculatory response can be effectively delayed with medicines classified under SSRIs.

Natural treatments for premature ejaculation

Here are some effective home remedies that might help manage such difficulties naturally:  

Perform Kegel exercises

Kegels are known as pelvic floor muscle exercises. These exercises engage the pelvic muscles and core by targeting the muscles present in those areas. Kegel exercises help in strengthening pelvic floor muscles and core muscles.         

Doing these exercises without fail regularly will be beneficial for the optimal health and functioning of the reproductive system. Also, the urinary system function improves.     

Kegel exercises involve engaging and stretching the pelvic floor muscles. It eases blood circulation in the reproductive system organs.

The increase of blood supply to the sexual organs also improves ejaculatory function.

Topical creams or lotions

To delay the ejaculation time, you can make use of topical creams and lotions. These have to be applied on the penile shaft. These creams produce a numbing effect and reduce penile sensitivity.

After the application of the topical cream, the ejaculatory response can be delayed. They also help delay orgasms.

Such creams are formulated using some desensitizing agents that numb the area wherever it is applied. Applying the cream on the penile surface makes the penile nerves less sensitive to sexual stimulation.

Ideally, the cream has to be applied for around 10 to 15 minutes before an anticipated sexual activity. The cream penetrates deep within the penile skin and calms the nerve activity. It numbs the sensations to delay the ejaculation.   

Note that, it is better to consult a healthcare provider before you consider using topical cream. Because, the cream can trigger several side effects like irritation, rashes, burning sensation, and pain.  


As per some research, Zinc supplements are considered to be beneficial in treating premature ejaculation (PE) symptoms. This is so because an essential mineral like zinc triggers the production of crucial hormones in the body.  

Zinc helps release testosterone and prolactin hormones. In males, the levels of testosterone hormone must lie in a healthy range. A decrease in its levels can contribute to health problems.   

Zinc supplementation can help overcome the testosterone deficiency in the body. It restores the levels of this hormone by increasing its production. Testosterone is essential for maintaining a healthy weight, gaining muscle mass, having an optimal sexual function.

Zinc supplements boost testosterone, which is a hormone that regulates sex drive or libido. A boost in testosterone production will increase your sex drive. This extends your ejaculation time, which alleviates the symptoms of premature ejaculation.

Sexual abstinence

Maintaining a gap between sexual activities and abstaining from sex for some time will build up the sexual tension. This will automatically impact your desire for sexual intimacy. Abstinence increases the sexual urge.

Your sex drive will also get a necessary boost due to avoidance of sex for some time. This will keep your erections firm for longer and early ejaculation will not happen.  

Limit pornography consumption

Excessive porn use can negatively impact the sexual function. The ejaculation may happen too early or too late because of porn overuse. Those who consume porn excessively may become too aggressive during sexual activities.

The frequency of being intimate may increase because of porn. This can affect the ejaculation function. The response may be delayed or happen too early.   

ED medications

Sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction (ED) can be effectively managed with ED medicines like Megalis 20. The effects of such medicines help achieve stronger erections during sexual arousal.  

The medicine boosts blood circulation in the reproductive organs. It offers maximum sexual pleasure because of enhanced blood flow to the penile. By prolonging the erections, the medicine might help delay the ejaculation time too.

Individuals experiencing both erectile dysfunction (ED) as well as premature ejaculation (PE) symptoms can incorporate the use of ED medicines.

The is a possibility that the ejaculation time might get slowed down because of firmer and longer-lasting erections.  

Alternative treatment for premature ejaculation

Here are several treatment remedies other than natural ones:

Oral PE medications: The healthcare provider may recommend SSRI drugs for managing ejaculatory issues.

Condoms: By wearing a condom, the penile will become less sensitive, which may help delay ejaculation.

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