Salbetol 2mg

Salbetol 2mg Salbetol 2mg
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Salbutamol Sulphate 2mg Tablet

Salbetol 2mg contains Salbutamol Sulphate, also called Albuterol, a drug with bronchodilation effect. It is pretty effective against respiratory conditions such as asthma and other obstructive pulmonary diseases – emphysema and bronchitis. It is also used to treat exercise-induced asthma. These conditions are usually caused by bronchospasm i.e. narrowing of bronchioles.

When an inflammation occurs in the respiratory tract, the bronchioles (airways in the lungs) undergo constriction, making breathing difficult. The symptoms of asthma or bronchospasm include breathlessness, wheezing, cough and chest tightness. Asthma is triggered by certain allergens such as pollen, dust, pollutants, pet dander, mold, etc. Some people experience asthma during exercise, which is called as exercise-induced bronchospasm.

The active ingredient of Salbetol 2mg is Salbutamol (Albuterol). It is essentially a selective beta-2-adrenergic antagonist and a bronchodilator. The drug adheres to the beta-2-adrenergeic receptors in order to relax smooth muscles of the airways to expand the bronchioles for easy flow of air into the lungs. This is how Salbetol 2mg pill works to make a person breathe effortlessly and comfortably.

You must utilize Salbetol 2mg medicine exactly as suggested by your medical prescriber. This medicine is used to treat and prevent asthma. However, it will not control an asthma attack once it is commenced. To suffice an asthma attack, you need a rescue inhaler, an aerosol medicine that acts directly into the respiratory system. Salbetol 2mg should be used regularly to manage asthma efficiently.

Missed dose should be taken when you remember the dose timing, but avoid it if the next dose is scheduled. Do not consume two doses at a time, as overdose may increase the risk of side effects. Speak to your doctor about using Salbetol 2mg in case of pregnancy and breast-feeding. Immediately see your doctor if you notice any unwanted symptoms.

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