Salbetol 4mg

Salbetol 4mg Salbetol 4mg
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Salbetol 4mg

Salbetol 4mg is a popular medicine that is actively composed of a drug called Salbutamol Sulfate, which is also called Albuterol. This generic medicine is known to have bronchodilation effect and is extremely effective against chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPDs) such as bronchial asthma, emphysema and bronchitis. It is also useful in preventing exercise-induced bronchospasm in people with history of asthma.

Inflammation or irritation of respiratory tract can lead to bronchospasm i.e. constriction of bronchioles or airways in the lungs. The symptoms of spasmodic contraction of bronchioles include wheezing, coughing, breathlessness and chest congestion. Salbetol 4mg is predominantly prescribed for bronchial asthma that is often triggered by pollen, dust, pollutants, pet dander and mold. Some asthmatic subjects experience bronchospasm while exercising.

The active chemical of Salbetol 4mg is Salbutamol Sulfate, which is a selective beta-2-andrenergeic antagonist, a sort of bronchodilator. Salbutamol binds to beta-2-adrenergeic receptors and relaxes the smooth muscles of airways. This action mechanism dilates the airways for easy flow of air into the lungs. This is how Salbetol 4mg acts in order to allow a person breathe easily and comfortably.

You are ought to use Salbetol 4mg exactly as prescribed by your physician. Remember, this generic medicine to just to manage and prevent asthma. It will not work instantly if you experience an asthma attack. To overcome such situation, you need an asthma inhaler. The medicated aerosol directly dilates your airways to provide quick relief from an asthma episode. You need to sue this medicine regularly to stay away from an asthma attack.

If you missed your dose, you should take it as soon as your remember, but avoid the dose if the next dose is scheduled. Never consume two pills at a time to compensate the missed dose; this can lead to overdose, causing unpleasant side effects. Speak to your physician about using Salbetol 4mg if you are pregnant and nursing a child. Immediately seek medical help if you experience any unpleasant symptoms.

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