Shock Wave Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction


Shockwave therapy, also known as Acoustic wave therapy, is a non-invasive treatment that triggers the body’s natural healing responses. It might also help treat erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence issues in men.  

In this therapy, the penile is exposed to a low-intensity shockwave exposure that can help restore the erection function. As per some sources, this therapy can be beneficial in males struggling with erection function.

About the therapy

In general, acoustic wave therapy is a low-intensity shockwave treatment that involves sound waves that enter and penetrate the skin and tissues of the penile. The waves target the root cause of erectile dysfunction by entering deep inside and stimulating the erectile tissues.

The therapy triggers physiological as well as chemical processes. It specifically targets the very factor that contributes to erection difficulties. A person fails to get and maintain an erection because of a lack of adequate blood flow. This happens because of the narrowing of the penile blood vessels.  

This therapy can help increase the blood flow through the penile blood vessels. It stimulates blood flow by relieving muscle tension in the erectile tissues and penile blood vessels. The blood flow inside the boosted when the penile is exposed to shock treatment.

The blood vessels that turn narrow, start to widen, allowing more blood flow inside. The erectile tissues engorge with blood. The health and functioning of the blood vessels improve. In this way, the erection function is restored.

Shockwave treatment and erectile dysfunction

For this therapy, one has to consult a healthcare professional that specializes in this treatment. The provider will use a wand-like device to give the treatment. The device emanates shock waves to stimulate the blood flow inside the penile. They will move the device around the penile for around 15 to 20 minutes.

The device emits gentle shock pulses to boost blood flow inside the penile blood vessels. Simultaneously, the process of tissue regeneration also begins inside the penile, which will trigger the growth of new blood vessels.

As these two processes happen simultaneously, it will boost the flow of blood inside the blood vessels of the penile, thereby restoring the erection function, allowing men to overcome erection difficulties and attain stronger erections.

How does shockwave therapy work for ED

The therapy is given by exposing the penile to low-intensity shockwaves. The medical provider uses a wand-like device or probe to administer shockwaves to the penile. It is placed around the different areas of the penile for a few minutes.

It is placed in one place for a few minutes to emit gentle pulses to the penile. Studies have shown that these pulses may overcome and restore the erection function through three different processes that are as follows:


The reason why men experience erection problems is the lack of blood supply to the penile. This occurs because of the narrowing of the blood vessels, preventing the blood flow to the penile. This therapy targets constrictions and helps relieve the strains of the blood vessels, which enhances relaxation.

The emanation of gentle pulses expands the passages of the blood vessels and allows blood to flow inside with ease. This restores the health of the penile blood vessels, thereby easing the erection function.


This process happening inside the penile stimulates the formation of new blood vessels. As the shockwave pulses penetrate deep inside the skin and into the penile tissues, it triggers the growth and development of new blood vessels.

This increases the number of blood vessels, and the supply of blood also gets boosted inside. The newly formed blood vessels in the penile will circulate more blood into the penile and help men achieve stronger erections.

Tissue regeneration and remodeling

According to some studies, the shockwave pulses can trigger rapid growth and multiplication of the cells. The erectile tissues may also get regenerated. The therapy might help heal the damaged tissues.

The therapy reverses the damage and restores the health of the tissues. However, more research and studies are needed to confirm whether shockwave treatment supports tissue regeneration and remodeling.

There have been encouraging reviews regarding this therapeutic technique, but one cannot be completely sure about its efficacy. This technique is still new and there needs to be in-depth research done covering its effectiveness, safety, side effects, etc.

Is shockwave therapy safe?

Note that, Shockwave treatment for erectile dysfunction is not yet approved by the FDA. This therapy is performed only by a highly qualified and licensed healthcare professional. They will inform you whether this therapy is safe for you by examining your general health and considering various parameters.

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