The 6 Reasons Men Go Soft During Sex

Do you struggle to maintain an erection during sex? This can be a frustrating experience for both you and your partner. This failure can prevent sexual satisfaction. The sexual performance is impacted as a result.

The penile might go flaccid or soft in between the intercourse. This might happen because of erectile dysfunction (ED). Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is a sexual difficulty, wherein the penile fails to stay erect and hard.

Top 6 reasons why men lose erections during sex

Erectile dysfunction   

Erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence is a common sexual difficulty in males. It is characterized by difficulty in getting and maintaining erections. They may fail to get hard even after adequate sexual stimulation.

Even if they get an erection, they might lose it in the middle of the sexual intercourse. The penile might suddenly turn flaccid while penetrating. Such erection difficulties might stem from some physiological or psychological factors.

Fortunately, impotence can be managed by lifestyle changes like diet, exercise, etc. Besides, erection difficulties can be overcome with ED medicines like Caverta 100. These medicines contain Sildenafil Citrate as their active ingredient. 

Sexual performance anxiety   

Some males might experience performance anxiety before or during sexual interaction. They might feel anxious to perform sexual activity. This anxiety is characterized by feelings of fear and nervousness.

The anxiety gets triggered when the person gets thoughts of not being sexually satisfying enough. They might feel pressured to perform better. These illusions of expectations cause them great worry.

As a result, this worry, and fear affect their erection function. They may not get firmer erections. However, this difficulty can be overcome with some self-help strategies and professional guidance.

Chronic health conditions

Some underlying health conditions like high blood pressure and heart disease can lead to erectile dysfunction. When erection failures become more frequent, the possibility of such chronic diseases is quite high.


Impotence issues can be early indications of some underlying health conditions. This is why, it is necessary to get screening tests for heart disease and cardiovascular disorders. Therefore, health conditions can be a reason for going soft during sex. 

Stress and depression

Chronic stress and depression can be a potential cause of losing erections during sexual intercourse. These are the psychological factors that can lead to psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

Men with stress and depression will not be able to feel sexual pleasure. They might remain stuck in the train of thought and fail to focus on intimacy. This makes them lose erections and struggle to attain them again.  

Such psychological problems can be managed by making some positive changes to the lifestyle and through mindful exercises like meditation, yoga, etc. In case of clinical depression, one can seek professional support.

Alcohol intoxication

Excessive consumption of alcohol might lead to erectile dysfunction temporarily. The erection response will be affected because of the psychoactive effects of alcohol.

Alcohol has psychoactive properties, which can alter your mind functions. This can interfere with arousal and sexual performance. This interference can cause the penile to become flaccid when the person is having an intercourse.

Medications side effects

Side effects of certain medicines can cause the failure of erection. Some medications can trigger some unwanted side reactions and erectile dysfunction can be one of them.

According to some research, 25% of erectile dysfunction happens because of some medicinal side effects. You have to see what type of medicine you are having, which is the cause of your erection dysfunction.

You should discuss it with your healthcare provider. It is necessary to inform them in case you are taking some medication. If the medications you are having are the reason for your ED, then they might either change the dose or recommend some other medication.

Ways to manage ED

Talk to your partner: This is the first thing you must do. By informing your partner, they will come to know about your difficulties, and you will get the necessary support.

Exercise regularly: Exercising boosts blood circulation to the pelvic region, which will help improve sexual function. This will also reduce the risk of health conditions that contribute to impotence issues.

Stop unhealthy eating habits: Eat a clean and nutritious diet. Avoid junk, fried, and processed food.  

Consult your doctor: They might alter the dose of the medicine you are taking, which will alleviate the erection problem.

Drink alcohol in moderation: Limit the consumption of alcohol.  

Try ED pills: ED medications such as Filagra 50 can help restore the erection function. These pill increases the blood flow to the penile and improves the quality of erections.        

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