Vacuum Devices For Managing Erectile Dysfunction


Vacuum erection devices, also called penile pumps are used for promoting firmer erections in men with erectile dysfunction (ED). The device comes with a hollow cylindrical tube with manually operable or digitally operable modules. 

Men with impotence issues can use this device to achieve a stronger erection. The penile has to be inserted inside the hollow cylinder. The device creates a vacuum inside the cylinder, which draws the blood to the penile.

The devices help trigger stronger erections. It can be used in combination with several other treatment techniques of ED.

Mechanism of action of Vacuum devices

You have to use the device right before you plan to have sexual intercourse. Then the cylinder of the vacuum erection device has to be placed over the penile shaft.

To create a vacuum inside the hollow cylinder, the air has to be removed. Once the vacuum is created inside the cylinder, the blood gets pulled into the penile. An increase in the blood supply to the penile happens.

With this increased blood flow, the blood will get trapped inside the penile. This helps get stronger erections that sustain for longer.  

To keep the erection, a constriction ring or band is used to secure it. The band is worn around the base of the penile, which keeps the blood trapped inside the penile.

Different types of vacuum devices

Vacuum devices are available in different types, including manual and battery-powered models. In vacuum devices that require manual operation, the user has to pump air out of the cylinder manually.

In the case of battery-powered vacuum devices, the process happens automatically. Battery-operated devices may come with accessories such as different-sized cylinders or constriction rings to accommodate varying penile sizes.  

What are the benefits of using vacuum devices?

Compared to the surgical or invasive options such as penile implants, vacuum erection devices are considered to be safe. They do not require cutting and sealing like invasive techniques.

Apart from that, vacuum devices are known for their quick onset of action. The device helps attain an erection a few minutes before sex. The individual does not have to wait for too long.

The device allows men with ED to get spontaneous erections and become intimate in no time.

Potential risks of using vacuum devices


Using the vacuum device with the proper technique is essential to achieve optimal results and reduce the risk of injury. To prevent accidents, you need to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

You can also take the help of a healthcare provider to receive proper training on the effective and safe use of vacuum devices. Their guidance can be very beneficial and highly recommended.

Moreover, using the device is generally safe, however, some users may experience side effects such as bruising, discomfort, pain, or temporary numbness.

Because of suction pressure, the penile color might turn a little purplish. This may happen due to numbness, bruising, or swelling of the penile shaft.  

How long do the effects of the vacuum device last?

The effectiveness of vacuum devices usually lasts for 30 minutes but are not limited to, as everyone’s situation is different.

Along with the use of the device, several factors such as sexual stimulation and arousal also matter. They have a huge impact on the performance and the duration.

ED aids

Along with vacuum devices, one can also use ED medicines. The device will draw the blood to the penile, but this can be more effectively done when its use is combined with ED medicines.

ED medications are the phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor compounds. Their function is to ease the flow of blood inside the penile blood vessels. They conduct vasodilation in the penile and increase blood flow.

Various ED medicines are approved by the FDA. But generic versions like Forzest 10 can offer the same benefits as the branded ones. They contain Tadalafil as their key ingredient, which is responsible for triggering stronger erections.

Note that, ED medicines do not work on their own. They need sexual arousal to deliver their required action.

The lowdown

The device helps achieve stronger erections. It works by creating a vacuum inside the hollow cylinder, which makes the penile arteries pull the blood in and trap it inside under high pressure. As a result, the penile appears bigger and wider temporarily.  

There might be a risk of bruising and pain involved while using this device. So, it is better if you first discuss the safety and drawbacks of incorporating the use of this device with a healthcare expert.  

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