10 Myths About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED), also called impotence, is a sexual difficulty in males. It is characterized by failure to get or sustain penile firm enough to have sexual intercourse.

These difficulties are very common. The reasons for their occurrence can be related to physiological or psychological factors.  

People might not feel comfortable disclosing their sexual difficulties. This can be due to the stigma, which is there because of the lack of awareness.

There are several myths about erectile dysfunction. This blog will burst all those myths - continue reading. 

Top 10 myths regarding erectile dysfunction   

Myth: ED occurs only in older men.

Fact: Although ED is more common among older men, that does not mean younger men do not experience it. Younger males can also develop ED symptoms.

The reason for its occurrence among older and younger males might be different. Older men may develop such difficulties because of some chronic medical conditions such as high blood pressure (hypertension), high blood sugar (diabetes), obesity, kidney disease, and so on.

Younger males experience ED symptoms because of mental concerns like stress, anxiety, performance anxiety, depression, etc.

Besides, chronic smokers are also highly susceptible to developing ED regardless of age. Smoking contributes to vascular health damage, which hinders blood flow to the penile and give rise to erection difficulties.

Myth: Difficulty in getting erections always indicates ED.  

Fact: If you struggle to get or maintain erections occasionally, then this does not mean that you have ED. This might happen because of psychological reasons like stress, anxiety, performance anxiety, alcohol intoxication, or medicinal side effects. One might experience ED symptoms for a short time or once in a while.

Myth: ED is a natural part of the aging process.

Fact: As men get older, their likelihood of developing erectile dysfunction becomes high. Although not all men develop these symptoms after a certain age, they may continue to have healthy erections throughout their lives irrespective of age. 

Fortunately, it can be managed at any age. It is treatable even in males in their 20s and in those who are in their 60s or 70s. ED medicines like Tazzle 10 are the safest and most effective remedy for such difficulties. They work by causing vasodilation in the penile and boosting blood flow through the arteries.

Myth: ED happens after wearing tight undergarments.

Fact: No research has yet proven that wearing tight underwear leads to erectile dysfunction. But it might affect the fertility, as it increases the temperature of the testicles. This impacts sperm health.  

Myth: Only men get affected by ED.

Fact: Men experiencing ED symptoms may avoid becoming intimate. The inability to perform well sexually causes them to develop feelings of inadequacy. Their esteem goes down. However, it is not the male experiences disappointments, their partner as well get impacted big time.

When they stop becoming intimate, their partner may become distant. Their intimate bond and sex life halts. This might give rise to relationship conflicts.

Myth: Only external stimulants can restore erections.

Fact: Stimulants like ED medicines such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc. Can be helpful in instantly restoring the erection function. These pills contain active ingredients that revive the erection function.  

However, adopting some positive lifestyle changes might alleviate erectile dysfunction by relieving the symptoms. Lifestyle factors like diet, exercise, no smoking, limiting alcohol, etc., can benefit your sexual health in a long run.

Myth: ED only occurs after relationship problems.

Fact: The type of ED caused by relationship conflicts is because of psychology, not physiology. It can dwindle the Males’ desire for sex, and as a result, they might turn avoidant to sexual activity.

Myth: Men experiencing ED have no sexual desire.   

Fact: Men with ED may have a healthy sex drive and desire for sex, but they fail to get or maintain erections. Erection difficulties may continue to persist despite complete sexual arousal.

Myth: You do not need a doctor to treat ED.   

Fact: ED is a treatable condition. Your healthcare provider will prescribe some medications to alleviate the erection difficulties. They will prescribe some dose that is suitable for your condition. They will decide the strength of the dose based on the severity of your erection difficulties. 

Myth: Medications do not contribute to ED.   

Fact: Certain medications used for treating high blood pressure and depression might give rise to erection difficulties. ED can be a side effect of such medications. Along with ED, they can also lower the sex drive or libido and interfere with arousal.  

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